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Does online anonymity really benefit the consumer?


Fouad Halawi, Collider’s Digital Account Manager gave M&M Global a few insights on online anonymity and what it means for users. Here’s a few quotes from the article, you can read the rest of his thoughts here:  “Ever since Edward Snowdon blew the whistle on the activities of the NSA & GCHQ, the trend of privacy in […]

Long Live Flat Design?


In the last few years, we’ve seen a rapid shift in software and app interface design, from rich and detailed to flat and minimal. Flat design, as known by the public, was highlighted with Apple’s release of its iOS 7 interface update   So how did the collective consciousness swing from a love of all […]

Tony Kelly talks about the importance of creativity in business


Tony Kelly, Collider’s chairman and serial entrepreneur gave RealBusiness a few insights on the importance of creativity in business. Here’s a few quotes from the article, you can read the rest of his thoughts here:    The growth of Britain’s creative industries is outperforming every other sector – this is a market ripe for opportunity You don’t get […]



Back in February 2011, Google set out on a mission to make its natural rankings more ‘fair’. Until this time, there were lots of SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) techniques that involved simply building more links than everyone else to get to the top of Google. Obviously when Google assessed this, they quickly realised that having […]

The importance of video content for brands


A large proportion of the new business meetings I attend these days seems to go down a fairly similar route: brief intro to us, discuss fit, show case studies and then talk about video. To be fair, It’s hard to deny the importance of video in todays ‘connected world’. The stats are compelling and clearly […]

Is ‘sharing’ the sixth sense brands should focus on?


I read with great interest the article in Adweek by Matt Eastwood asking if a person needs to be physically present for a brand experience to resonate. With all campaigns, it seems, if possible, the best way is to be integrated and to use a variety of touch points to engage with your audience. Sometimes, […]

What’s The issue With Targeted Marketing?


The accuracy of online advertising these days can be frightening to many; think George Orwell’s ’1984′, with the thought police who know what you’re thinking all day, every day. Online companies can track your behaviour online, and pinpoint with extreme accuracy what you want to buy. But should this be seen as the beginning of […]

How far can brands go in creating reactive stories?


Paddy Power has again provoked controversy with the launch of a campaign guaranteeing to refund losing bets if South African athlete Oscar Pistorius is acquitted in his murder trial. Yes, you just saw that. And nope, it’s not a fake advert. A piece of content that is certainly creating reactions as the Advertising Standards Authority […]

How to design new presentation templates that are on brand


By Anja Weise Having recently re-launched as Collider there was naturally a lot of collateral to create. This was the perfect opportunity for us, not only to update the look of our presentation templates, but also their layout. Our old presentations offered a lot of freedom in terms of layout – there were hardly any […]

Measuring ROI in experiential is easy. Isn’t it?


Every few weeks we get together to discuss blog topics here at Collider. ROI in experiential came up and I put my hat in the ring to give some thoughts. As soon as I did, I thought this was going to be a bit of a poisoned chalice as everyone in the industry has different […]

Why Facebook spent a fortune buying WhatsApp?


Facebook continues its shopping spree by buying out the popular messaging client, WhatsApp, for $16 billion in cash and stock. Like Instagram, the company says WhatsApp will continue to operate independently after the acquisition — separate from Facebook Messenger — but claims the deal will “accelerate Facebook’s ability to bring connectivity and utility to the world.” WhatsApp is used by […]

Can an agency promise great ideas in one hour?


You give us one hour. We generate quality ideas” they say. The concept of Sweden’s new One Hour Agency is simple and easy. Maybe just a little too easy to be true. These new “fast-thinking” type of agencies are emerging along with some other gimmicky models—like the “World’s Fastest Agency” or “Pay What You Want” agency. So what goes into that hour? After ten […]

Bribes not Likes


  By @Anja_Weise I recently read a post on Social Media Today titled How to Turn Shares and Likes into Customers and Conversions. It advised owners of Facebook pages to run competitions with unique prizes, to get people to Like and Share their Facebook page. I think this is a flawed strategy. People liking or […]

Goodbye Liquid. Hello Collider.


Times change, and we’re changing as a brand too. On 10th February 2014, we relaunched as Collider — a new name, a new look, and a new beginning.   But why Collider? Because we’re in the business of creating reactions. Of converging social, brand, experiential and digital in an exciting way. Of making audiences stop, […]



Launch marketing specialist appoints Tony Kelly as Chairman and acquires Trueline Digital Marketing LONDON, 10th , February 2014 – The Liquid Way has today waved goodbye to its old brand and name, relaunching as Collider. The agency, which specialises in launch marketing and works with brands such as Epson, Gretsch, Land Securities and Sharp, announced […]

Brands seek guidance at CES


    As the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) gets under way in San Francisco, a number of themes have already emerged, including the growing involvement of automakers and the use of startups by major brands to help filter the huge range of technologies available. A record nine car manufacturers are attending the 2014 show and […]

Instagram launches ‘Direct’ individual messages


Instagram announced Thursday a new feature called Instagram Direct, which allows users to share pictures and videos directly to friends and not all followers. Instagram Direct gives users a more private way to share moments with a smaller group of people. The app update is available for iOS download and Android starting today and is […]

Hillsong Church London one of the best Christmas websites…


In November 2013 Hillsong Church London asked us to design and build a Christmas web page where they could direct members of the church and public to find out more about Christmas activity coming up within the life of the church. Our design and development team had to work within the constraints of a complicated […]

AB InBev taps social media


  Brewer Anheuser-Busch InBev is increasingly looking to digital platforms, especially social media, to reach beer drinkers and is often seeing better returns on investment there than from television a leading executive has said. Lucas Herscovici, vice president of digital marketing, North America, told MediaPost that the company had been able to show that “for […]