Turning on tomorrow

Check out these photographs of Samsung’s engaging consumer electronics launch – held at Chelsea Football Club on March 9th, 10th, 11th.

Under the theme of TURN ON TOMORROW, we managed all design and production elements of the event spread over 1,600sq. metres in the club’s Great Hall.

The event demonstrated the changing habits of the consumer, from the passive use of TVs, replaced by a more active and intuitive use of equipment – the “couch potato” of old to the “armchair athlete” of tomorrow.

There were some cool products exhibited including a robotic vacuum cleaner and the show-stopping headline product – 3D TV.

Reinforcing the event’s TURN ON TOMORROW theme, we also organised an evening Gala dinner for Samsung’s delegates at the London Science Museum.

During the evening, guests discovered what it feels like to be an astronaut in the museum’s unique motion 3D effects simulation theatre – Force Field – and were treated to a high-energy dance performance by the Britain’s Got Talent superstars, Flawless!

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