The Perfect Antidote to a Midlife Crisis

Our MD Anton made his first foray into the world of triathlons today as he continued his free-fall into his mid-life crisis.

No Porsche and tie dyed jeans for him, instead, a new road bike, a lovely all in one Lycra ‘tri-suit’ and an early morning dip in the water at Dorney rowing lake!
“As it was my first attempt at a triathlon, I set my sights fairly conservatively at the sprint distance – mainly because I was petrified of  the open water swim”  said Anton.

“I have to admit however that I was pleasantly surprised and posted an excellent time, coming in 4th in my age group (middle age!) and 48th in the overall race. I have now got the bug (surprisingly not from swallowing the lake water) and enjoyed it so much I am already planning my next event – The Garmin Barcelona triathlon in October has a certain ring to it! Watch this space!”

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