Liquid Create 3 Sony Tablet Homes

Prior to the new Sony Tablet S and Tablet P products arriving in UK stores, Sony asked The Liquid Way to assist with the internal staff launch of this revolutionary product.

Sony’s brief to Liquid was to re-brand 3 internal meeting rooms to show case the versatile functionality of the new tablet, one at Sony’s HQ in Weybridge, one in their Basingstoke office and an event space at East Winter Gardens in London.

To reflect the different areas of the home where the tablet can be used to control house devices, the Liquid design team developed a series of line drawings that were applied graphically to the meeting space to create the ‘Sony Tablet home’.

Guests in the lounge room were able to flick through the TV channels using the tablet, whilst the gamers in the play room challenged each other with wireless gaming on two handsets being streamed via Bluetooth to the 50″ Sony LCD on the games room wall.

The Liquid team installed the graphics in the three different locations on consecutive days providing strong return on investment across the three locations. The three events attracted over 800 guests and allowed the Sony staff to share in the excitement of the new tablet before the UK wide retail launch.

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